Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smoke Free Living

Smoker? Non-smoker?

One of the few black and white issues; either you do or you don't.

In condominiums, especially where second-hand smoke can travel among units, smoking at all within the units on the property can become problematic.

Even drifting out of the window, or into the window, where perhaps a baby sleeps, smoke and second-hand smoke can become an issue in community living.

(Confession: I am an ex-smoker. When I quit, I had all my art, drapes, furniture, wardrobe -- everything -- cleaned. I was astonished at the nicotine tar that came out of the upholstery, off the oil paintings. So, of course, I prefer a non-smoking environment.)

Leave it to the smoke-free police to give condominium boards plenty of ammunition to fight smoking:

Also, Smoke-Free Washington offers ideas about how you can implement a smoke-free condominium complex:

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