Sunday, February 22, 2009

Construction Defect Law -- Declarants Meet Owners

Keeping up to date with the who, why, what, how and when of condominiums is no easy task. This is especially true of best practices, and the law as it applies to this form of real estate ownership.

Following the blog of a law firm that specializes in condominium law is an effective way to understand the application of the state law.

Here's a thought: construction law and condominium law are two different animals. They often meet in construction defect suits.

Here then is a link to the Barker Martin firm in Seattle. Read condominium articles of interest so you know more about how RCW 64.50 (construction defect law) and RCW 64.34 (condominium law) apply to your property.

Barker Martin Home Page

Tip: Especially if you're new to condominiums, you'll find their glossary of terms useful in communicating among owners and board members.

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