Sunday, February 22, 2009

Read My Disclaimer, Please

Whatever action you take as a condominium owner or board member based on what you read here, you take at your own risk.

I am not an attorney, although I did want to be one when I grew up.

I currently own a condominium in Whatcom County, Washington, and serve on its board as its treasurer.

I owned a condominium in Seattle, Washington, and served on its board as its treasurer. (I also lived there as a tenant/ renter.)

I lived in a condominium in NYC recently, while there attending school. (I rented from a slum-lord landlord, whom I sued in small claims court to recover significant monies: a warning to all tenants -- Get Everything In Writing.)

In total, I've lived in condominiums for 12 years -- so far.

I'm a business-oriented person, having worked in the corporate world all of my adult life, with many years in technology.

Most of the ideas that I present here come from Community Association Institute (CAI) -sponsored events. Here is a link to their home page:

Many of the people I've met recently are charmingly 'a little Luddite' in their thinking about sharing information digitally, but for me, it's pretty normal, standard, and by far more simple than writing and printing endless pieces of paper.

This blog is a collection of my ideas, my thinking and writing it helps me concretize the results of my brain.

It isn't anything else.

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