Monday, September 4, 2017

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We've turned over the bulk of our educational functions to the Washington State Chapter of Community Associations Institute, CAI, a nationwide common interest community industry group. 

Using the Site

You can find topical details using the search box on this page. 

Washington State-centric Webinars

We're working with the Washington State Chapter of CAI -- as above, to add Webinars and make them available to owners/ new buyers/ investors and others interested in or already invested in common interest communities in Washington State.

Stay tuned for details.


Engaging Owners

We've always stayed away from politics in the Forum. We also believe that people need to know more about their voting powers.

Because your voting power is doubly important this fall -- both in electing representatives and government officials and in your common interest community where you vote for leadership, we want to share a few thoughts with you.

Recently, we watched a TED Talk geared to 'making civics sexy again'. This will be a worthwhile investment of your time to watch it

Eric Liu is a local, Seattle-based activist. You can learn more about him at Citizen University.

We encourage all owners to review this reminder: owner apathy can destroy a common interest community.


Lower Enrollment Fee for CAI

There is a new enrollment option for boards that includes all homeowners.

The enrollment option enrolls three board members for an annual fee of US$275. Then, all other board members and all owners can attend CAI events at the member price.

This new option is Huge for owners. Please present it to your board and enroll.

For Questions: (425) 778-6378 or


Search This Site

You can search our site for topics of interest: what's here may inform you into pleasant surprise. In four years of sessions, we've covered most topics. Let us know if there is a topic that we haven't covered, and we'll work to put together another session.

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