Sunday, March 1, 2009

Purpose For This Blog

Our condominium is about 110 miles from Seattle.

Some might call us 'geographically undesireable'.

Washington State Condominium Law applies to all condominiums in the state -- in every county.

Finding expert advice (for us) means traveling to the locations where the expertise is available, face-to-face.

Significant issues are addressed in conferences and educational meetings that are held where the highest common interest community population lives.

So if, like us, your condominium exists in a more rural area -- most of Washington State is rural, really -- welcome to a starting point on the Internet for access to institutional knowledge about condominiums in Washington State.

Then, when an issue arises, and you seek profesionally advice and council, you'll know just about enough to be dangerous. But you won't be ignorant.

When you need it, always seek professional advice from a lawyer, CPA, licensed and knowledgeable condominium association manager, banker, landscaper, or other vendor.

Please use what you read here as a guideline only, as one possibility, as one option, never the last word.

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